Best Poker Vines by PokerListings #1 – Bad Beats, Basics, Hyperlapse

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Vine videos on ainult kuus sekundit, nii et kui sa vahele sõnad ja klõpsake piisavalt kiire, saab vaadata kogu see nimekiri vaid üks minut.

Aasta esimese osamakse parimad Vines võite vaadata läbi hyperlapse of the World Series of Poker, õppida pokkerikäsi pingeread vt lõputu tõstmine sõda, tunda valu hullemaid halb lööki TV-pokkeri ajalugu ja palju muud.

Jätka lehte allapoole kontrollida neid kõiki läbi ja järgige PokerListings kohta Vine rohkem lühikese pokkeri videod.

#10 - Poker Hand Rankings

This is a great video to send to the players in your home game that can't seem to remember that a straight beats a flush ... or is it the other way around? Just watch the video.

#9 - Casino Chips of the World

PokerListings has been to poker tournaments all over the world. Here are 40 chips we've picked up along the way.

#8 - How to Shuffle Poker Chips

Being able to shuffle poker chips is basically the most important skill you need to learn to be a boss at the poker table.

Watch us execute a flawless shuffle in super slow-motion so you can check the technique.

#7 - Negreanu Puts Haters On Blast

Haters all up in your grill? Keep this Vine on hand so you can have Daniel Negreanu tell them to stop their hateful ways at a moment's notice.

#6 - Welcome to Bad Beat City, Population You

If you're contemplating spending serious time playing poker, get used to the feeling captured in this Vine.

Experienced players out there watching this will understand.

#5 - Fondly Remembering the Devilfish

The poker world lost a legend when David "Devilfish" Ulliott passed away. This Vine captures Ulliott's swagger just right so you can remember him whenever you want.

#4 - Neverending Raising War

A comment on the modern, uber-aggressive culture of never-ending preflop raises and re-raises.

#3 - No Stairway at WSOP. Denied.

It seems the rules outlined in Wayne's World hold true even at the World Series of Poker.

Where did that guitar come from anyway?

#2 - WSOP Dealer Sing-Along

Dealers are the best. They make the games go 'round and sometimes they're sweet old ladies who sing along to Kenny Rogers on the break.

#1 - World Series of Poker Hyperlapse

As the 2015 WSOP Main Event reached the final table, PokerListings was on location to capture this cool hyperlapse of the Amazon Room.

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